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Triple Play

Live at Zankel Music Center

Triple Play - Live at Zankel Music Center This is the latest Triple Play CD which features Chris Brubeck - bass, piano, trombone & vocals; Joel brown - guitars & vocals; and Peter Madcat Ruth - harmonicas, ukulele, high-hat, jaw-harp & vocals; with special guests Dave Brubeck - piano and Frank Brown - Clarinet. This fantastic concert was recorded live at the Arthur Zankel Music Center on the campus of Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York.

Madcat, Kane & Maxwell Street

Live at the Creole Gallery

Maxwell Street - Live at the Creole Gallery This CD features Madcat & Kane plus Mark Schrock on bass and Mike Shimmin on drums. This new quartet is named after the famous Chicago street market where anything could be bought or sold, and where live blues was a regular feature. Madcat, Kane & Maxwell Street specializes in acoustic blues and American roots music. Deep, acoustic, swampy, rootsy, woody, quirky, living and breathing blues... (certainly not your average blues band) This new CD was recorded at the Creole Gallery in Lansing, Michigan, in January 2009.

More Real Folk Blues

Madcat: More Real Folk Blues This CD features an eclectic mix of music which includes folk music, blues, and other rootsy American music... I did all the singing on this CD and played most of the instruments including harmonicas, ukulele, jaw harps, baritone guitar, banjo, banjo ukulele, high hat, cowbell, wood block, shakers, guiro, tambourine, and brushes on a pizza box. Richard Smith played bass on 2 songs, Flávio Guimarães played harmonica on one song, and Sergio Paes and Marcio Carvalho played some Brazilian percussion on one song.
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Madcat's Harmonica & Ukulele Project

Madcat's Harmonica & Ukulele Project These are collectors items. There are only a few of these left. The title of the CD sums it up... Every track features both harmonica and ukulele.
All the instruments on this CD (except on the bonus track) were played by Madcat. These instruments include: harmonicas, ukuleles, jaw harps, electric guitar, baritone guitar, banjo, berimbau, high hat, cowbell, wood block, shakers, guiro, railroad spikes, sauce pan, brushes, shoe box, whistling and vocals.

Triple Play: Watching the World

Watching the World This is the Triple Play CD, recorded in 2003.

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Madcat's Harmonicology

Madcat's Harmonicology This CD features Peter Madcat Ruth's unique harmonica style, multi-tracked, and blended with world class percussion. If you dig harmonica music, or music in general, check this one out!

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Anyone Can Play Harmonica

Anyone Can Play Harmonica An Easy Guide to Getting Started
Taught By Peter Madcat Ruth
Available on 37-min DVD
Includes written material

This video proves that ANYONE can play harmonica. Madcat teaches popular campfire favorites: Oh Susanna, Go Tell Aunt Rhody, Shenandoah, Down In The Valley, On Top Of Old Smoky, Polly Wolly Doodle, and Camptown Races. By the end of this lesson you'll have learned the major scale and will be combining melody notes with chord accompaniment.

The Ins and Outs of Rhythm Harp

Percussive Techniques for Blues Players Percussive Techniques for Blues Players
Taught By Peter Madcat Ruth.
Available on 60-min DVD
Includes written material

On this entertaining and enlightening video Madcat teaches the driving rhythms, and percussive sounds, and other traditional back-up techniques that will propel your blues harmonica playing. Madcat's unique system of spoken syllables will be the building blocks that you'll use to construct the foot-stopping, drive that characterizes so many of the great harp players, from Sonny Terry, to Sonnyboy Williamson.

Madcat teaches the "Boogie shuffle", "Hoots and Hollers", and other compelling rhythmic variations, as well as essential harp techniques such as tongue rolls, hand wah-wah, articulated percussive sounds, and much more.


Madcat, Gone Solo

Madcat, Gone Solo is now a collectors item. The price is high because there are less than ten unopened LPs left... Madcat Gone Solo was recorded live at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 1983. This recording captures the raw energy and finesse of Madcat's solo blues show. Lot's of great harp playing on this LP, and some fine singing and guitar playing too.

Madcat's Pressure Cooker, Live at the Pig

This recording features Madcat singing, playing some amazing harp, and fronting a very hot, electric blues/rock band. Madcat is accompanied by Andy Boller on keyboards and vocals, Doug Koernke on guitar, Oni Werth on bass, and Jack Wilkin on drums. Recorded live at the Blind Pig Cafe in Ann Arbor, Michigan (by Madcat's WebMaster Mike Gould) in 1988.

The Shaker / Madcat Harmonica Microphone

Madcat Shaker Microphone The Shaker / Madcat Microphone is a totally new approach to harmonica amplification. The design is radical, the shape is functionally perfect and the technology is way ahead of the rest. It has a unique new design which enables you to amplify not only the sound of the harp but also the hand shaped tones usually associated with acoustic harmonica playing.

The Shaker / Madcat Microphone slips easily between the fingers of your left hand, allowing you to cup your harmonica completely without having to hold on to a microphone.

The Shaker / Madcat microphone's volume control is conveniently placed, so you can easily control the volume while playing.

By tightly cupping your Shaker / Madcat you can achieve cupped/close-proximity miking, an important element in getting that Bullet/Blaster/JT30 sound.

With the Shaker / Madcat you have access to a greater pallet of tonal expression.


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